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Brainstorm with Your Neurologist!

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Medical Director, Neurologist

Come and talk with Ilene S. Ruhoy, MD, PhD. Bring your questions, concerns, thoughts, interest about all things brain, body, and mind. 

Dr. Ruhoy is a board-certified neurologist, trained in both pediatric and adult neurology, and is the founder of the Center for Healing Neurology, an Integrative Neurology practice. She has fellowship training in integrative medicine, medical acupuncture, and neuromuscular medicine. Her PhD focused on environmental toxicology and exposures and she consults for green and sustainable product companies. A regular contributor to various wellness websites and blogs, she is the co-editor of Integrative Neurology, an Andrew Weil, MD Integrative Medicine Series text scheduled to be published in Fall, 2019 by Oxford University Press.

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